Perfect for all surfaces.

Kärcher municipal sweepers deliver exceptional performance everywhere: on large areas, difficult surfaces, roads, paths, car parks, grassed surfaces and in winter. Each of these robust machines forms, together with attachments, an application-optimised solution in terms of power, operability and efficiency. And with it an investment that maintains its efficiency and value over years.
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Sweep better with a third brush
With the third side brush, the actual sweeping width is extended from 1,400 to 2,000 mm. Sweeping under obstacles such as park benches is also made significantly easier, as is the sweeping of kerbs.
Clean on a wide front
The front roller brush with 1,600 mm working width for sweeping of, for example, sand and dirt, but also for clearing snow up to a height of 100 mm. Can be pivoted left and right hydraulically.
Weed brush
The consistent solution against particularly stubborn weeds. Can be pivoted to both sides. The brush arm can be moved on the rail as required.

Specialists for working with liquids.

Kärcher specialises in the area of wet cleaning. Here, the whole experience of the market leader comes to the fore, as does the close cooperation with professional suppliers. The result is a complete range with attachments for use with water: for cleaning surfaces such as sports grounds and roads, for spot cleaning with high pressure and watering trees and green areas.
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Medium washing system
With the spray bar adjustable up to 2.20 m, it is designed for cleaning roads and larger surfaces.
High-pressure cleaner with hose
Optimal for spot cleaning, for example of bus stops, waste containers, etc. Particularly effective in combination with the washing or watering system.
MIC 34C with hydraulic watering arm
Optimal system for grassed areas in cities. The spray lances come with different attachments: sprinkler and pencil jet.

Sweeping, mowing, clearing. The whole year round.

Kärcher municipal machines can sweep more than just professionally. These implement carriers for year-round use are developed in close cooperation with drivers. This is an important basis for the extraordinary performance and efficiency of these machines in various sweeping conditions: from sweeping work to grass surfaces and winter service.
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Mowing with container – unique system
Convert from sweeping to mowing with little expense. Simply exchange the sweeping system for the mower. The cuttings are suctioned in by the suction mouth and transported to the waste container. The waste container is used as a grass container.
Hedge shears – implement carrier on implement carrier
Different attachments can be mounted on the extension arm, including hedge shears, flail mower and pruning shears.
Compact flail mower
High performance thanks to an axial-piston hydraulic motor. Also for high grass and uncontrolled growth.

Ice-cold experts in combating snow and ice.

All of our municipal implement carriers have four-wheel drive. Specially for winter service and better traction on snow and ice, the MIC 45 and MIC 84 have automatic traction control. This allows them to utilise their full power safely. Together with the coordinated Kärcher attachment kits, it is an unbeatable combination.
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Snow clearer – in combination with rear spreader
Snow clearer with a width of 100 cm, a hydraulically pivotable ejection chimney and hydraulically adjustable throw distance.
Spreading systems
Either a disc spreader or a roller spreader can be operated on the MIC 34C. The grit can be loaded onto the hydraulically activated loading platform and tipped into the roller spreader.
Vario snow plough
Hydraulically pivotable snow plough with bumpers for every carrier vehicle. Available in working widths from 1.35 m or 1.80 m clearing width.

Solutions for every task.

Special tasks require special equipment. Together with specialised partners, Kärcher can provide the right attachment for almost every application. And if no solution is available from the large variety of standard devices, special developments are possible at any time.
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Pallet handler – MIC 84
A shovel can be attached to the front-end loader instead of a pallet handler (load capacity, max. 1,000 kg). Up to 600 kg per shovel load.
Weed brush
Very robust brush for intense use in combating weeds on the roadside.
Front-end loader with shovel
The transport shovel is ideal for moving material such as stone, sand, bark mulch, etc. It can easily be mounted to or removed from the carrier vehicle in less than 10 minutes. Here a load of up to 600 kg per shovel load is possible.

High performance in all areas.

Outdoor areas must not only give a good impression. All-round maintenance of the infrastructure is indispensable for ensuring that daily routines can be carried out smoothly and safely. Roads and paths, multi-storey car parks and green areas are the domains of the powerful and versatile sweepers from Kärcher: sweep, dry or wet. Mow grass. Collect leaves. As well as complete winter service. For innumerable other cleaning tasks, Kärcher high-pressure cleaners perform other invaluable services: from vehicle care to floor cleaning and the removal of graffiti.
Scrubber drier BR 100/250 R - Right on track

Right on track

Multi-storey car parks often place high demands on scrubber driers: large areas, coarse and stubborn dirt and steep ramps. The Kärcher BR 100/250 R is the right machine for this job: with robust steel frame for heavy-duty use on areas with inclines up to 15 %.
Vacuum sweeper KM 75/40 W

Could it get any easier?

The compact and extremely manoeuvrable KM 75/40 W thoroughly cleans small to medium-sized areas effortlessly. The traction drive replaces physical strength, while the powerful vacuum picks up dust without any turbulence. Available with a choice of powerful petrol engine or whisper-quiet, batterypowered version.
FRV 30 - Innovative surface cleaning

Innovative surface cleaning

The FRV 30 surface cleaner cleans surfaces quickly without splashing and automatically picks up the dirty water. This obviates the need to rinse surfaces after cleaning.