Perfect hygiene with high efficiency.

The successful day-to-day running of busy hospitals and clinics is inextricably linked with modern hygiene and efficiency. The vital importance of maintaining hygiene, in particular the avoidance of nosocomial infections and transmission of germs, must be ensured at all times through optimal care and cleanliness. The various areas in hospitals each require their own specific cleaning solutions – from small to large areas, from kitchens to operating theatres. In busy hospitals and clinics, efficient maintenance cleaning is crucial as there is rarely enough time for time-consuming deep cleaning. More stringent hygiene standards, increasing cost pressures and competition make things more difficult. Kärcher offers products that are ideally suited to meeting these high demands: professional, efficient cleaning systems. And individual services ranging from mobile to intensive cleaning.

Public areas, ward corridors

Clean and safe.

The constant traffic in public areas such as entrances, corridors and ward corridors leaves little time for cleaning. Decisive here is the balance between maintenance, interim and deep cleaning. For thorough cleanliness, value retention, dust suppression and safety – for all kinds of floors, hard surfaces and carpets. Kärcher puts hygiene first.

Carpets quickly cleaned

When there is not enough time for drying or basic cleaning of carpets: the Kärcher system consisting of BRC 45 /45 C and iCapsol RM 768 featuring 2-roller technology for optimal cleaning results forward and backwards. Compact for space-saving storage.

Ideal for entrances

The B 90 scrubber drier is designed for cleaning large areas. It features a pre-sweeping function for removing coarse, loose dirt. The diamond pad leaves stone floors looking shiny for longer. Thanks to the whisper function, the B 90 is also ideal for use in patient areas.

Manoeuvrable and quick in corridors

The BD 50/40 RS is the most manoeuvrable in its class. Allows a clear view along ward corridors. Easy to get on and off for more space. The efficient solution for daily maintenance cleaning of hard surfaces.

Efficiency is a matter of adjustment

The B 60 with KIK system is fully configurable and with its tank interior cleaning system ensures hygiene not only on floors. In the eco!efficiency mode, the brush speed and suction power can be reduced for light soiling.

The quietest vacuum in its class

The T 12/1 eco!efficiency with HEPA filter is designed to meet hygiene requirements on wards. The noise level reduced by 5 dB(A) compared to the standard model is equivalent to a noise level reduction of about 70%.

Simply polish marks away

The BDP 43/450 C Adv and spray cleaner are a time-saving solution for removing marks and films. Ideal for use in busy areas where thorough cleaning is not possible.

Sanitary areas

Cleans deep into joints and crevices.

Manual cleaning reaches its limits in sanitary areas with anti-slip floors. Especially when limescale, skin oils or cosmetic residues need to be removed. In baths, showers and changing rooms – suitable for structured floors and small areas where hygiene requirements are high: the avoidance of germ transmission and cross-contamination in these areas is crucial. The regular use of compact, efficient Kärcher cleaning machines ensures that floors are hygienically clean deep into joints and crevices.

Optimal interim cleaning

The BR 30/4 C cleans right into corners, around bends and under low fittings. Featuring a microfibre roller, it is ideal for removing fluff and hairs on fine stone tiles. Ideal for use in sanitary areas or wet zones, like water birth suites.

Optimal deep cleaning in sanitary areas

The BDS 43/180 C Adv is ideal for uninterrupted use: height adjustable handle for ergonomic operation, two-column handle for easy manoeuvrability even at maximum power. Folds down for space-saving storage.

Ideal for structured flooring

The BR 40/10 with roller technology cleans deep into joints and crevices and scrubs and vacuums in one pass. Keeps sanitary areas and exercise baths hygienically clean.

Clean joints – no chance for dirt

The DE 4002 steam cleaner is the answer to stubborn soap residues in showers, particularly in difficult to reach areas. Kind to surfaces and the environment.

Powerful suction, tried and tested

Small or large spills are part of everyday life in hospitals. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners such as the NT 48/1 are ideal for removing large amounts of water quickly and when cleaning with the single-disc machine.

Treatment areas

Maximum hygiene.

Cleaning in sterile areas such as operating theatres and laboratories places high demands on the cleaning systems used. The aim is to achieve and maintain a maximum level of hygiene to avoid nosocomial infections. Cleaning machines used in these areas must comply with high hygiene standards. The often busy environments, not enough time for thoroughly cleaning floors subject to high traffic and cramped conditions make things more difficult.

Faster is better

Perfectly polished floors are extremely important where surfaces are subject to high mechanical stress and exposure to aggressive media such as disinfectants. The BDP 50/1500 ultra-high speed polishing machine is ideal for floors subject to heavy traffic and features floating driver plates for uneven floors.

Quickly on site and quickly finished

The BD 40/12 is the intelligent alternative to a mop thanks to its fast set up, excellent cleaning performance and quick drying. This compact battery powered machine is versatile and manoeuvrable and ideal for maintenance cleaning especially in small rooms.

For growing demands

In histological laboratories floor cleaning is very time-consuming, but essential for work safety. A precondition for the successful removal of stubborn soiling such as wax calls for a perfectly matched machine and cleaning agent: e.g. the BR 40/10 and
RM 750 intensive deep cleaner for cleaner floors and greater safety.

Ideal for operating theatres

B 40 W meets the highest requirements: easy to use and so quiet that it can be used at any time. The tank rinsing system protects against contamination. Maintenance-free batteries ensure trouble-free operation. Thanks to its compact design, the B 40 is also ideal for use in operating theatre environments.

Silent, but tough on dust

Frequent changes of clothing produce a large amount of dust. With only 56 dB (A), the T 15/1 is the quietest in its class and can be used at any time. Standard HEPA filter.

Kitchen areas

Appetisingly clean.

Preparing food for a large number of patients and staff places the highest demands on hygiene. Kärcher offers a complete system which follows the HACCP concept and complies with all cleaning standards using special equipment. In all preparation, storage and distribution areas. For cleaning work surfaces and implements, including serving trolleys. For removing stubborn and coarse dirt. Also effective on heavily structured floors.

On rollers – deeper into joints and crevices

Being flat and compact, the BRS 40/1000 C scrubber easily reaches under kitchen cupboards. Featuring roller technology, this machine is the alternative to single-disc machines for use on non-slip tiles.

High pressure in the kitchen

High-pressure cleaning with integrated suction is ideal for kitchens. The FRV 30 surface cleaner can clean and vacuum in one pass. Used together with RM 731 grease and protein solvent, it is tough on protein, grease and oil – but kind to surfaces.

High and low

The B 40 W was developed on the basis of the HACCP principle and ensures optimal cleaning results on large areas. Featuring a roller brush head and high/low bristles, it also cleans non-slip tiles effortlessly. With DOSE system for optimal cleaning agent dosing.

Specialist for canteens

Canteens are subject to heavy soiling such as coffee stains, grease and protein residues. The BD 40/12 C quickly and thoroughly removes adhering dirt on fine stone tiles in canteens. It also reaches areas inaccessible to large machines.

Offices and conference rooms

Cleaned deep into the fibres.

Offices and conference rooms in hospitals are often carpeted or have parquet flooring to create a pleasant atmosphere. To retain the value of these high-quality materials, specific cleaning systems are necessary. Not least, also to maintain a constant level of hygiene and prevent the transmission of germs – because dirt and germs make no distinction between clinical and office areas.

Whisper-quiet and universal

Dry vacuum cleaners such as the T 15/1 are perfect for daily maintenance cleaning – with or without filter bag: they thoroughly remove dirt and soiling on carpets, laminate or PVC floors effortlessly.

All-rounder for all surfaces

The CV 60/2 RS brush-type vacuum cleaner automatically adjusts itself to any floor covering. From hard floors to carpets and back – without having to change accessories. Ease of use meets extreme manoeuvrability. Performance also meets versatility: contrarotating rollers, side brush, suction tube and optional HEPA filter.

Thoroughly clean

Carpets are subject to heavy traffic everyday. That is why cleaning professionals prefer Kärcher carpet cleaners. These robust, powerful and versatile machines are designed for cleaning carpets deep into the pile and are ideal for interim use and removing stains from textiles.

Torque conquers dirt

Kärcher battery powered polishing machines such as the compact BDP 43/1500 C generate high torque for extra shine. The dust suction makes the work easier. This technology also scores top marks for wear and maintenance.

Outdoor areas and underground car parks

High performance in all areas.

The areas outside hospitals must not only give a good impression. All-round maintenance of the infrastructure is indispensable for ensuring that daily routines can be carried out smoothly and safely. This applies in particular to access for ambulances, entrances and footpaths for patients and staff. Also important are the cleaning of multi-storey car parks and maintenance of grassed areas. Kärcher sweepers have the power and versatility to do the job: sweep, dry or wet. Mow grass. Collect leaves. And provide a complete winter service.

Right on track

Multi-storey car parks often place high demands on scrubber driers: large areas, coarse and stubborn dirt and steep ramps. The Kärcher BR 100/250 R is the right machine for this job: with robust steel frame for heavy-duty use on areas with inclines up to 15%.

Could it get any easier?

The compact and extremely manoeuvrable KM 75/40 W thoroughly cleans small to medium-sized areas effortlessly. The traction drive replaces physical strength, while the powerful vacuum picks up dust without any turbulence. Available with a choice of powerful petrol engine or whisper-quiet, battery-powered version for indoor use.

The standard for efficiency

The MC 50 demonstrates on a daily basis that economy and ecology go hand in hand. A highly efficient compact sweeper that is eco-friendly in every respect. The innovative vacuuming system with large vacuum blower reaches maximum suction power at 75% motor speed.

Progress made easy

The Kärcher KM 90/60 R is a compact ride-on sweeper that combines superior ease of use with high area performance and effective automatic filter cleaning. Features include an adjustable seat, tilting steering wheel and oversized wheels for ease of use.

For year-round use.

The MC 50 Advanced delivers optimal sweeping results and is suitable for year-round use. The quick changeover system enables attachments such as mower or snow blade and spreader to be changed within minutes.